A person reviewing a clipboard at an El Paso municipal water treatment facility.

A person reviewing a clipboard at an El Paso municipal water treatment facility.

Although there’s a good chance you never give it much thought, the purification that your potable water goes through before it arrives at your home is intense. In most cases, unless your water is purified and treated before it enters your home, it can be dangerous. Luckily, El Paso municipal water treatment plants provide safe and clean water to residents.

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What Does a Municipal Water Treatment Plant Do? 

As their name indicates, an El Paso municipal water treatment plant treats water before it enters your home. This includes any water you use for drinking, showering, washing the dishes, and other household activities. They’re tasked with taking potentially toxic and dirty water and purifying it for use by the masses. 

Why is It Important to Have a Reliable Municipal Water Treatment Plant in El Paso? 

While the job of purifying water might sound like a breeze, it’s anything but. Here are some of the reasons it’s important to have a reliable and properly equipped municipal water treatment plant in El Paso

Choosing Reliable Water Sources

Aside from actually purifying your water, choosing a reliable water source is the most important job of your local municipal water treatment plant. Typically, local rivers, ponds, lakes, and other water reservoirs are used. 


However, if the catastrophe in Flint, MI, and other areas taught us anything, it’s that you can’t just take the water that’s closest to you. You have to perform water purification tests to ensure it’s safe and useable, and if it isn’t, the treatment plant needs to find another source. 

Water Purification is a Lengthy Process 

As we said before, the water purification process is anything but easy. It’s actually a fairly complicated process that typically includes five steps: 

  • Coagulation 


Forcing particles of grit, dirt, and debris to clog together into more easily removable blobs. 

  • Flocculation 


A process to further force particles into larger, easily removable masses. 

  • Sedimentation 


The process that allows water to settle to separate water from solid waste and dirt. 

  • Filtration 


A multi-faceted process where dirt, chemicals, odors, and other impurities are filtered out of the clean water. 

  • Disinfection


The process of killing any bacteria, viruses, and contaminants that might still be in the water. 

Reach out to us for a more detailed look at the water purification and treatment process. 

Maintaining High Standards

Drinking and potable water is held to a high safety standard, and it’s up to your El Paso municipal water treatment plant to adhere to those standards, as well. Otherwise, impure water may enter your home, resulting in damaged plumbing pipes, illness, or worse. 

Trust Clowe and Cowan For Your Wastewater Treatment Needs 

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