Clowe and Cowan was founded, in Amarillo, Texas in 1922, by two man of entrepreneurial spirit Mr. Frank Clowe & John Cowan.  A year later they expanded the operation to include, Lubbock, Texas in 1923, followed by Roswell, New Mexico, in 1940.


Clowe & Cowan of El Paso

Clowe & Cowan of El Paso opened its doors in 1967 and became incorporated in 1973. In 1989 Mr. Art De La Torre became the principal stockholder and was elected President of the company.

International offices

Marked a milestone with the opening of international offices in the Republic of Mexico, with offices in Chihuahua, Chihuahua and the second one in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua. In 2007, in an efforts to diversify convinced Clowe & Cowan to acquire EPAC a company dedicated to provide repair services and sale of valves and actuators,
later EPAC became Paso-Tex Industries.


Expanding resources

In 1997, Mr. De La Torre’s sons Richard and Lawrence De La Torre invested in the company when Stockholders approved the purchase of stocks by employees.  With the retirement of Mr. Art De La Torre, in 2010, his sons Richard and Lawrence De La Torre took over the management of the company. December of 2012 brought investment from Northstar Capital, LLC located in Minneapolis adding value thru subsidiary acquisitions expanding resources into Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

Technosub Group

Searching for a company with CCELP’S characteristics, Technosub Group found and acquired Clowe & Cowan in December 2020 leaving Mr. Lawrence De La Torre as the General Manager and the writing of a new chapter began in the distribution of quality pump and pump parts along with water and wastewater technologies and products.


The resilient character of Clowe & Cowan’s founders still prevails. The company’s greatest assets are their diverse experience and customer service, which gives Clowe and Cowan its competitive edge.  We offer solutions to water and waste water and industrial technologies, we supply certified technical services along with standard and customized equipment for the mining, construction and water treatment industries. 

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Core Values


Flexibility is firmly rooted in our culture. It enables us to face the unexpected and adapt to our ever‑changing industry and environment. We are always reassessing and reshaping our organization to actively meet the needs of our clients and employees on every level. We actively embrace change.


We are dedicated to creating and innovating. We are driven to achieve results and excellence with energy and urgency, and we are passionate about reaching unprecedented goals.


Commitment not only fuels the way we design and build our products, but also how we serve our clients, with an eye on forging a sustainable, value-adding partnership. We favour our employees' involvement and development, leading us to exceed ever-increasing standards with pride and passion.


We want our operations to be built on a foundation of trust. It must permeate everything we do and manifest itself in a spirit of cooperation that extends to all of our activities. Our customers are valued and treated as true partners, while our employees are seen as our ambassadors, and we show them the utmost respect and consideration.