Flowing blue water in a wastewater treatment plant in El Paso.

Flowing blue water in a wastewater treatment plant in El Paso.

Wastewater treatment isn’t just important to ensure you have clean water but also to ensure you remain healthy and aren’t exposed to dangerous contaminants frequently found in wastewater. Contaminated wastewater isn’t just an issue in underdeveloped parts of the world. It’s a near and present danger in El Paso and other parts of the Lonestar State. 

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What is Wastewater Treatment? 

Wastewater treatment in El Paso is the process of taking contaminated water and treating it to remove harmful pathogens, contaminants, bacteria, and other health hazards. It’s an absolutely crucial step to ensuring that the public has safe, clean drinking water. Without wastewater treatment, much of the world’s drinking water would be unsafe and unfit for consumption. 

The Wastewater Treatment Process 

As we said before, wastewater treatment is absolutely essential for most of the world to have safe drinking water. Most people in El Paso don’t even realize where their drinking water comes from and often take it for granted. Here’s a quick look at the wastewater treatment process and why it’s so important. 

  1. When you flush your toilet, drain your bathtub, wash your dishes, or do other things that allow water to run down a drain in your home, it becomes wastewater and goes to an El Paso septic tank. 
  2. From the septic tank, wastewater runs through a series of pipes and drains to the nearest water treatment plant. 
  3. At the water treatment plant, wastewater goes through several stages of purification. 
  4. First, filters are used to remove dirt, branches, solids, grime, and other visible contaminants. 
  5. Next, the water goes through a series of purifiers, including additional filters, a sediment tank, and an aeration tank where more solids and bacteria are removed. 
  6. The water then goes through a chlorination process where chlorine is added to the water to kill harmful bacteria. 
  7. Once this step is complete, the water is released into a nearby water source such as a lake or river. 
  8. Nature then dilutes any remaining contaminants in wastewater and further purifies it. 
  9. The water in your home or business typically comes from these water sources but goes through its own set of water purification before it’s safe for use. 

While the purification process that water goes through before it enters your home is extensive, it wouldn’t be enough without the initial wastewater purification. On top of that, wastewater purification in El Paso is essential to keep the water sources themselves from getting contaminated. 

In previous years, wastewater treatment at a plant wasn’t necessary because the water sources into which wastewater was pumped were pure enough to dilute the wastewater. However, because the world is using more wastewater than ever before, nature isn’t enough, and wastewater treatment is necessary. 

Why is Wastewater Treatment So Important 

Without wastewater treatment, the water in most El Paso homes and businesses would be contaminated and unfit for use. Untreated wastewater can lead to a number of bacterial diseases and infections, including the following. 

  • Cholera 
  • Giardia 
  • Hepatitis A 
  • Campylobacteriosis 
  • Cryptosporidiosis 
  • Encephalitis 
  • Salmonellosis 
  • Gastroenteritis 
  • Many more 

In addition to being harmful to people, untreated wastewater also poses a threat to the water sources into which they flow and any surrounding ecosystem. It could be deadly to fish, animals that drink the water, and plants, flora, and trees that are near the water. And if people come in contact with these contaminated plants and animals, it could put them at risk. 

Wastewater Treatment in El Paso

As you can see, wastewater treatment in El Paso is essential for both public health and the health of your local ecosystem. Without it, the general public would be at risk for any number of deadly diseases. Wastewater treatment is also essential to ensure that the plants, flowers, animals, and water of El Paso remain safe and healthy. Contact us online or call (915) 593-8833 to learn more about our industrial and commercial wastewater treatment products.

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