Multistage Pumps

MH Series

The best pumping solution on the market, able to overcome the difficult ...

Mud Treatment System

Submersible Pumps

HS Series

Submersible pump designed for water, wastewater and light slurry pumping. Residential, commercial, industrial & construction dewatering applications.

LB Series

Rugged dewatering pumps built to fit into 8" pipes in 2/3HP, 1HP, and 2HP.

NK Series

Contractor pumps for high volume single phase dewatering applications.

GPN Series

Agitator series submersible pump designed for slurry, mud & sand pumping with hard iron adjustable wear parts & bottom side discharge up to 6-inch size.

GSD Series

Heavy duty agitator series submersible pump designed for high volume & high head slurry pumping and applications.

GSZ Series

High volume submersible drainage pump with built in cooling jacket to prevent over heating

KRS Series

High volume pumping applications available in 3HP - 50HP designs.

KTD Series

Cast iron heavy-duty slurry pump employing the KTZ Series as the base

KTZ Series

Construction pumps capable of converting from high head to high volume in 2HP -15HP designs.

KTZE Series

Construction pumps capable of converting from high head to high volume in 2HP -15HP designs.

KTV Series

Light-weight construction, for ease of portability available in 1HP - 7 1/2HP designs.

SQ Series

Portable stainless steel pump for corrosive liquid.

SFQ Series

All wetted components are 316 Stainless Steel; SFQ Series pumps are rust free and corrosive resistant.

LH Series

High head pumps providing medium to high flows. Ideal for generating plants and mining operations.

LHW Series

Rental & supply companies preferred choice for contractor ready slimline products.

LH LHW SS Series

Submersible stainless steel casting high head corrosion-resistant pump designed for handling aggressive and corrosive liquids.

TPG Series

Quiet, dependable contractor grade units available in recoil or electric start.

FSP Series

Scum Skimmers Efficiently removes floating oils and grease solids

MR Series

Submersible Mixers Compact design for easy handling For mixing, stirring, dissolving, density equalization and aeration


Electric submersible pumps from 5-29 H.P.


Electric submersible pumps from 25-60 H.P.


Electric submersible pumps from 60-120 H.P.

EL354-EL1204 HH

Electric submersible pumps from 49-188 H.P.


Electric submersible pumps from 107-201 H.P.


Electric submersible pumps from 147-322 H.P.


Hydraulic submersible pumps from 17-32.5 H.P.


Hydraulic submersible pumps from 40-170 H.P.


Hydraulic submersible pumps from 300-630 H.P.

Dredge Barges

DHR Series

DRH cable dredges are ideal for works in inaccessible places such as artificial reservoirs and mining basins.

DRP Series

DRP radio-controlled dredges are the ideal solution for all situations where operators’ health must be safeguarded

Amphibious Dredge

Dragflow amphibious dredges can work in the presence of water or on any soil, whether solid or muddy.

Booster Pumps

GB Series

Multi-stage Design: Provides steady, quiet, vibration free, operation.

e-SV Series

The expanded hydraulic coverage of an e-SV pump combined with a NEMA premium-efficient motor delivers maximum performance.

e-SVE Series

The e-SVE smart pump is the newest addition to the e-SV pump family. It is a pre-programmed package combining the e-SV

e-SH Series

AISI 316 stainless steel construction for reduced corrosion and improved strength and ductility

End Suction

3656 Series

The model 3656 offers close coupled design for space saving and simplified maintenance.

3756 Series

The model 3756 offers a bearing frame mounted design for flexibility of installation and drive arrangements.

NPE Series

High Efficiency Impeller: Enclosed impeller with unique floating seal ring design maintains maximum efficiencies over the life of the pump without adjustment.

LB Series

High Head Water Boosting: The LB booster pump provides an economical alternative for small booster sets with flow requirements up to 18 GPM and heads up to 190 feet.