A graphic of two people and a commercial water filtration system against a blue background in El Paso.

A graphic of two people and a commercial water filtration system against a blue background in El Paso.

Safe drinking water is something that many people assume they’ll have when they live in El Paso. However, as with many other cities, wells, and city water in El Paso aren’t always safe for consumption. While it might not kill you or even make you sick, much of the water in and around the city contains minerals, metals, and other contaminants that are bad for your health. 

One of the only ways around this obstacle is to invest in a water filtration system. An industrial filtration system will ensure the water flowing through your pipes and pipe fittings is safe. If you want to learn more about commercial filtration systems, Clowe & Cowan is here to help. Contact us online or call (915) 593-8833 to learn more.

Makes Water Safer 

The biggest benefit of investing in a water filtration system is that your water will be safer for consumption. Copper, magnesium, dust, chlorine, and many other metals and minerals are in your drinking water. The only way to eliminate these things is with a filtration system, as water softeners can only do so much. 

Improves Water Taste 

In addition to making your El Paso drinking water safer, a water filtration system will also help it taste better. By removing the many minerals, metals, and contaminants that rest therein, your drinking water will have a pure, unadulterated taste. It is important to have the proper El Paso pipe fittings for a functioning system.

Better for Your Pipe Fittings 

The health of your plumbing pipes and pipe fittings in El Paso is important. Pipe issues are common in commercial sites in El Paso, thanks to the contaminants in your water. As it’s flowing through the pipes, unfiltered water will corrode them from the inside, slow the flow of water, and eventually result in a clogged pipe. 

Pipe Fittings in El Paso with Clowe & Cowan

If you’re ready to invest in a water filtration system and require proper pipe fittings, Clowe & Cowan can help. We’re one of the newest and best in the El Paso area regarding commercial and industrial water purification systems. Call (915) 593-8833 today.

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